TIC TAC -An advertisement to Take Your Breath Away…!


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Advertising and Marketing your product is just not easy anymore. Your innovation, sense of humor, storyline, and catchy jingles –all sell your product. And to come up with something new, and exciting is a job waiting to happen. TIC TAC though, doesn’t hesitate when it comes to innovation, and selling their product becomes a side effect of an amazing campaign!

Bad breath can cause more damage than you might think. And these crucial, deadly forces can take other peoples breath away! TIC TAC’s humorous toll on the consequences of bad breath is Crazy AF!  

They sell their product with the humiliation of the oblivious ‘criminals’. A passer-by is asked for directions, and on giving them -his bad breathe leads to the unconsciousness of hundreds! The flash mob idea, and a video montage, in the end, leading to the bad-breather getting a TIC TAC as his cure is hilarious and engaging.

The entire campaign is a breath of fresh air! (Do you see what I did there?!)

The initiative of,

Industry              Candies

Media                   Film, Digital, Interactive & Mobile

Market                 France

Agency                 Ogilvy & Mather Paris

Was released on, January 2013.

And won the award, One Show 2013.
TIC TAC has added a funny tier to marketing. And we the people at Moshi Moshi, applaud them for it. The idea of the campaign is truly amusing. Now people can Ha-Ha without any causalities!

Tell us what you think of the advertisement, we are great listeners!

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The Highlights: Nine Big Things That Happened This Week

Welcome back to, you heard it last, here! So this week went by painfully, and there were notable things happening around you. And you read, tweeted, and bickered about it. The world changed, and we all grew older. Yeah, cool!

The only good thing was, media had stories that made your jaws drop. And I am taking you down the memory lane, by highlighting this week’s trauma!

*cue Exciting music to make you Excited*


A US condom company decided to go Punny on their campaign and ended up encouraging rape.

I really hope you spot the pun below,


2. Lifesize Ludo –Just roll with it!

A video of life-sized Ludo, with real human players in the desert, has gone viral this week! The columns are drawn in the desert, and the internet can’t get over just how crazy it is. A guy sits in the middle of the ‘board’ because he has reached home –and is bored out of his mind! While other players play their game.

The hilarious adult game goes on as the pawns roll the dice, and a guy sits in the middle of the ‘board’ because he has reached home –and is bored out of his mind! While other players play their game.

If you haven’t heard about this video going viral- then wow! Just watch it below…



3. It’s all show business.

Priyanka Chopra – a UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador- went to Jordan this week, and met Syrian Refugees. Her Instagram stories and the pictures she uploaded got us emotional and mushy –but as a part of the show business, she did get us all to smile with this cute video of a Syrian Refugee, who is Katrina Kaif’s biggest fan! PC won hearts everywhere!


4. When kids aren’t your ONLY mistakes!

On a YouTube channel DaddyOFive, an American couple screamed at their children –broke their toys –and pranked them! And now have a Five-year probation for child neglect. Some bad parenting, and a broken sense of humor right there guys!

FYI -their children are ‘mentally injured’ now.



The famous Mob boss from The Sopranos, Frank Vincent died on Wednesday in New Jersey –from heart surgery complications. We will miss him for his vicious acting skills!


6. The girl has no face!

iPhone X was launched this week. The launch is the IT event did not anticipate the power of long awkward silences! The face recognition software failed at the launch, but iPhone still walks around with its nose high –It was the staff’s fault, they say. Well, we see it, and definitely, don’t eat that B.S!

7. NASA and Cassini’s messy break-up.

NASA’s Cassini ended its 20-year historical exploration, and crashed into Saturn’s atmosphere, after discovering oceans and organic elements suitable for life on Saturn.

A long giving relationship has now left Cassini out of the world!



8. Abe and Modi -best friends forever!

Indian PM Narendra Modi and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe laid the foundation of India’s first bullet train project yesterday. And this friendship is one we are all looking forward to reading about.



9. Death –the creepy stalker.

World’s oldest person aged 117 -Violet Brown from Jamaica, died on 15 September. She suffered from an irregular heartbeat and was dehydrated for days before she passed away.

But, there is a new record holder -117-year-old Japanese women Nabi Tajima.


So these were the highlights of the week. Some were bizarre, some were sad, and some historic. Whatever they were, they were interesting. Humans really keep surprising, don’t though?! (Not a compliment) But remember, you heard it last here.

Tell us your stories, and about your week, or just anything interesting, we’d love to hear it -we are great listeners!

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(Happy) Engineers Day! The story you have heard before.

All you engineers out there, this post is a tribute to you and your dream of being an engineer. LOL, Can’t even say that with a straight face!  So let’s play that sad song in the background, and talk about your lives, engineers!

Why did you decide to be an engineer? If you are one of those rare exceptions who did it for themselves, then yay you! If you did it because your parents wanted you to, then welcome to the world Simba.

BTW guys, what is it that makes our parents force us into Medical or Engineering? Nope, don’t try wasting your energy, even our parents don’t have a logical answer.

Is it for that sense of security and settlement that they love so much? Or is it a backup plan? Pretty long for a backup plan right? Four years! There are 1.5 Million Engineering Pass Outs in India every year. And if you are not the IIT or NIT pass out, then forget about it!

A few of these engineers became the stereotype product, aka parents dream. But many of these engineers standout, that makes you think, ‘Oh, well, Pappu kuch to Banega!’

Let’s start with the guy who is the reason for today’s celebration. M. Visvesvaraya, the Indian engineer.

He is celebrated all over our country today. And looked at hopelessly by all the sentenced students, while they take a break from Dota, or CS, or whatever you are into.



Then there are the engineers who had a career change. The one you dream about pitching to Papa but never have the guts to!

The stand-up comedians at AIB, And if you don’t know who they are, you are beyond help!



Then there are those who say NO to engineering. Which is possible engineers, you can say No. Engineering needs consent!



And there are the real life strugglers, who tweet out their academic pain!

Hang in there, you funny survivors!







Remember, engineering is not an education, but a forced rite of passage we all must clear. There will be backlogs and criti’s, there will be no interest from the opposite sex, there will be stinking roommates and disgusting PG food. And also, sleepless drunk nights, cheated internals, cursed externals, and paid exam fees. Most of all, there will be pressure from home.

But these heroes will rise, with no life in their eyes! And they will survive, or get married. Because they stopped dreaming seven semesters ago!

Don’t let that stop you from telling us your stories though, sharing is caring. Reach us at  InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn accounts., we are great listeners! 

And for what it’s worth, a few passionate engineers have made our lives easier, so thank you, and Happy Engineers Day!


Gossip and me? Please! BTW did you hear about Virat Kohli and Kangana Ranaut?!

Our world is huge. And the population of Homo sapiens is estimated to be 7.5 billion. And these 7.5 billion humans find just about any reason to celebrate their existence. And an endless party is thrown every second in some part of the world, What Fun!

Some of these celebrations are noteworthy, and some are a party for those ten people who aren’t invited anywhere else, Sad.

A few parties share a story of the human race and their journey. And one such celebration is the Hindi Divas. On 14th September 1949, Hindi was made the official language of Republic of India. And is the spoken language of 25 million.

Only local-level events in schools and other institutions celebrate this day. And if you are really looking for reasons to make your day special, why not celebrate the officiating of a language you use every day, Indian?!

But instead, we join the aunty kitty party and gossip while drinking our cocktails! Wow guys, *disappointed sigh*

We celebrate our day with gossip about what Kangana Ranaut said on Aap Ki Adalat. Yes, she claims to have had an affair with Hrithik Roshan. And yes, Hrithik was married during the period of this Affair. And of course, Kangana claims to be the Victim. Because she is that ‘naive’!

Oh, Kangana, What you doing girl?!

And No! Don’t get your popcorn to watch the video below!



The other unimportant gossip is about the heartthrob celebrity. Did you hear about what Virat Kohli’s reply was to Danielle Wyatt’s twitter proposal? And all you fan girls out there, we agree. Virat makes your heart skip a beat. And he probably is your reason for watching a cricket match or his Manyavar add on loop! And you are secretly rooting for this baseless twitter drama to be a reality. But this isn’t important at allll!

Also, find a big scoop of this gossip below guys.

Back in 2014, Danielle asked Virat to marry her.


On Tuesday Virat gifted her a bat, and she spelled his name wrong, again, while thanking him on twitter. I don’t like this ‘Danyelle’, this isn’t exemplifying your love!


And twitter doesn’t forgive silly mistakes…



She did clear it up though,


It’s really disappointing, the things we do for entertainment. *Rolling eyes in disbelief* Instead of mind numbing exciting gossip, do what matters. Celebrate Hindi Divas. And tweet about it. Get the word out there.

Also, tweet about your fan fantasies!! We’d love to hear any other stories or drama you have to share. Tell us if Virat and Anushka are your ideal power couple? Or what you thought of Kangan’s new AIB video? Let us know, we are great listeners!

P.S: We really don’t care much for gossip! All it does is,

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Colgate Palmolive’s- Education In A Box

The future of the world in my classroom today.

                      -Ivan Welton Fitzwater


We have leaders who are trying to improve our education system, we have free thinkers who want to change the system, and we have rebels who defy the system. We basically have a million stories to share when education is the topic at hand. We have complaints to make, and protests to stand!

There are a few unfortunate bright minds though, that are confined within cracked walls, bad lighting, leaking roofs, and torn text books. The stories of kids, who grow up learning from hand me down resources. These stories are the ones that need change, improve or defy. And Colgate Palmolive were the ones to take a step towards the change needed.

The schools in Myanmar lacked basic resources like pencils, textbooks, papers, erasers or rulers. So Colgate Palmolive decided to help, and they did so with just an innovative realization. They had thousands of packaging units and a distribution network that reached deep into Myanmar.

So what was earlier just a cardboard box, was then used as posters. The inside of the box was printed with lesson plans, and each poster had a unique toll free number which the teachers could use to call for a ten-minute lesson.

The kids in Myanmar were getting an education off of a simple campaign. Young minds were nourished in the way they deserved. The ingenuity of Colgate Palmolive reused a simple box, turning it into knowledge for hapless children.

The initiative of,

Industry                                                              Oral Hygiene

Media                                                                   Print, Magazine & Newspaper,                  

                                                                               Outdoor Billboard, Poster, Transportation                                                                                   & Vehicles

Market                                                                  Hong Kong SAR China

Agency                                                                  Red Fuse

Executive Creative Director                          Gigi Lee

Art Director                                                        Law Kok Yew Young, Ye Kyaw Htut Young

Copywriter                                                          Phyo Wai Htun Young

Illustrator                                                           Wong Jing Wen, Evone Cheng

Was released in February 2014

And won the Award,

One Show 2015

Design  Package Design / Single or Series            Gold Pencil

Design  Collateral Design / Outdoor – Series       Bronze Pencil


We the people at Moshi Moshi acknowledge and admire the innovation of Colgate Palmolive. And praise their resourcefulness which reached and changed the idea of education for many students! With more pioneering ideas like these, we surely shaping the future of our children.

Do You Have A Home Online? 4 Reasons that will convince you to have a Website!

Where do you live? Which corner of the world is your secure nest? That one place you run to for solace? It’s Your home and you love being there!
But what about your business? You work with it every day. You think of it when it’s not around, it keeps you up at night, and you are always looking for ways to make it better. Oh, yeah. Business is that one relationship you are truly committed to, and you welcome all its complications! But when it comes to giving it a home, you betray it and look away. Aww, business, there there.

But, no worries, we’ll help you! You can get a big shiny home, with your very own website.

A website is your corner of the internet. A Facebook page, or an Instagram account, or even a template isn’t for you. To get the best of you, and your business, portfolio or hobby, you need a website. It’s your unique identity. It shows who you are, and with our help, it gives you the best look possible!

If you are still not convinced, let me point out a few Advantages,

1. Your website is your canvas.

Be it a business, or a hobby, or a passion, or a simple product you’re talking about. Expressing yourself via your website has no boundaries! You can experiment, and engage with your clients, and touch a large international audience with just a click!

2. Websites act as Certification.

Having a website available gives your business authenticity. The first thing a customer searches for is your website, it’s your first impression.

A good website is also your Front and Sales person.

 3. Websites are all-around workers and cost efficient too!

Apart from being your identity, a website is also your business card to all potential clients. It works long hours, takes no sick leaves, and is available to your client 24/7.

What’s best is they don’t take extra pay for it. They are affordable and cost efficient, depending on your requirements.

Websites also have unlimited office space. So you can work, grow, and expand as much as you please.

Could you ask for more? Nope!

4. Websites make you edgy.

Advertising for you in the best way, websites are a forever presence, and your best marketing team! Giving details about your work, making you credible. And gives you an edge over your competition.

Websites also work with brand building, don’t they? I mean, how many times has a good website made the purchase for you?  Or similarly, a bad website changed your mind about the brand?

And hence they reflect who you are, your website is your profile online. And they communicate who you are beautifully!

Statistics proof:

  • There are 3.2 billion people on the internet. And 644 million active websites.
  • 40% of recent customers researching for a new service provider said having an About us page portrays credibility.
  • 68% customers trust online opinions.


I don’t have to tell you that the advantages easily outweigh any doubts you might have. So make a website! But wait. That’s not your job, is it? Ring us up, let us do all the dirty work for you!

Call us at- 08040935092

Drop an email at-

Check out our website Website. You can also reach us on our InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn accounts. Tell us what you have in mind, we are great listeners!

We have made Websites for,

Eden Spa, Forest Fragrance, Koyas, and much more!

The highlights: Bizarre news this week.

Time flies by and leaves behind the news to read. Which can soon turn into a hot pile to dig into? No worries, we got your back. We are going to make it easier for you, by sorting out this week’s dirty laundry of Trending News you cannot believe! It’s time to revisit past torment with Moshi Moshi. Remember you heard it last here!

This Was Trending.

Salman Khan is Being ironic.

Apart from enjoying fame for his many ‘meaningful’ high selling movies, Salman Khan also inaugurated a driving school in Dubai and thought he’d get away with it. But the keen eye of twitter users doesn’t miss anything, and they just couldn’t get over this irony!

Sallu Bhai drove over a pavement in Mumbai in 2002, killing one and injuring four, while drunk driving. And now twitter went bananas with humor. I am not going to talk about it because these tweets say it all:

Twitter takes a side.



On 5 September Gauri Lankesh, a journalist turned activist, was shot outside her home In Bengaluru. She worked as an editor in Lankesh Patrike. Her sad demise was mourned by Indians all over the country.

On 7 September, A #BlockNarendraModi movement took over twitter, where users were enraged because Narendra Modi followed ‘troll’ accounts that put celebratory tweets regarding the death of Gauri.

Our condolences to Gauri’s family. May she rest in peace.

 Al, and his Gaydar Pal.


Artificial intelligence can now tell if you are gay or straight by your pictures. A study done at Stanford University shows that sexual orientation can be anticipated with facial expressions, and “grooming styles”. The Al is was right in differentiating between gay men and straight men 81% time, and 74% in women. The research was done with 35000 pictures. However, it poses a threat to the LGBT community with the development of such an intelligence.

With computers getting smart, humans decided to take a chance with the guessing. Human judges were worse in identifying sexual orientation with just images. They were right 61% time right in men, and 54% in women. Here you go, humans definitely losing this Guess who game.

Game on Fire!


The Eagle Creek fire- Beacon Rock Golf Course Golfers kept playing their game when a 31000-acre blaze burned behind them. A post by the golf course said, “Our golfers are committed to finishing the round”.

That kind of commitment surely burns a fire of passion, doesn’t it?!

Nailed a Record!



Ayanna Williams from Texas, USA has been growing her nails for more than 20 years and has now scratched her way into the Guinness World Record for the longest nails in the world, with the length of 18 feet.

Her diligence and hard work definitely paid off, that girl has some will power for not biting those off years ago!

With the world around us losing their minds, the news is turning cray cray too!  And we just gave you the tip of the iceberg in our post, there is much more bizarre in the stories that have been told. You can tell us about other trendy stuff on our  InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn accounts. Because we are great listeners! And remember, you heard it last here.

Happiness Starts With A Smile


So, what makes you happy? What makes all those 32 teeth visible, and shining like your posing for a toothpaste advertisement? Is it chocolate, a good movie, money, a good meal, or a large drink? What gets you humming?

While growing up, we often forget the answer to these questions. We go about our day and our chores bored out of our minds! Just living through the monotony of life. And while routine slowly helps you forget to smile, you turn into grumpy from Snow White.

So was the problem in Peru. With a fast-growing economy, and diverse culture, Peruvians had things going well, but they lacked a basic necessity in their day – a smile. And so the people at coco cola decided it was time to make Peruvians smile.

The campaign was called Happy ID. Coco cola installed free photo booths for Peruvians to take a picture or their ID, and the only thing required to take a picture was to Smile. The idea was advertised on billboards, television, and social media. Encouraging people to smile more!

Coco cola also partnered with special photography stores, who would give people a free Coke on smiling for a picture for their ID. Soon 45000 ID’s made in Peru were Happy ID. Every face was a smiling one. Happy ID also become reward cards, where people would great discounts for with a Happy ID. And the campaign was admired and spoken about on Television shows, radio, online and newspaper.

The initiative of,

Industry                            Soft Drinks

Media                                Case study

Market                               Peru

Agency                               McCann Worldgroup Lima

Released                            October 2013

The campaign won more than smiles! It won the,

Cannes Lions, 2014

The entire initiative was to encourage optimism in people and remind them to smile more. Helping them have a better mood, and hence have a better day perhaps. A simple campaign like the Happy ID got people Happy! With all the woes and worries, if a coke can make you smile, you definitely find the energy to go about and fight your wars.

We the people at Moshi Moshi applaud and admire this initiative of Coco Cola, and find it motivating, and refreshing that they care about the little things. And so we want to share it with you.

You can watch the video again on our InstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn accounts. And tell us what you thought about the campaign because we are great listeners!

Trumpmare for the Dreamers

Your home is your safe place, your lair of acceptance, and freedom. And what if it is all taken from you with one bad judgment of one bad person.

In 2012 Barack Obama made a federal program Daca. It gave temporary abode to children brought to the US illegally. The children protected under this program were under 16, (and are now 15-36 years old) and were called Dreamers. The program gave them the liberty to do basic things like work, study, buy a house, or get a drivers license legally, just like any American could. And ever since USA has become the home to many immigrant children. Mostly from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Now Trumps administration has decided to scrap of the Dreamers program, and throw all the Dreamers back to their native places, which they aren’t familiar with. And why? Well because Trump had decided to follow through. During his election, he promised to rip up Daca immediately, and deport approximately 11 million undocumented persons living in USA, he also gave threats to ban all Muslims from entering the US, and build a wall along the entire border with Mexico. He has not yet followed through with any of the above. And thinks Daca is his salvation.

Snatching homes away from all those young people is not an act of administration, or portrayal of stern leadership. It is just another immoral ruling which Trump thinks he can pass, whilst sitting on his throne, and playing with his toys, which happens to be real human beings right now.

New applications will not be accepted in Daca, and the old dreamers have until March, 2018, when the program will be scrapped, which will throw almost 800,000 people who currently benefit from the program into a state of terror and turmoil.

15 states have sued the Trump administration, opposing his decision. The Dreamers are close to losing their homes for now, but we can only hope to see justice while trump presides over the presidency. As the Dreamers are chanting “Education, not deportation” Let’s all strive for them to stay!

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